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9:44 a.m. - 2001-08-20
Mental Illness is Un-Defined
Well I am at work now. And I just got back from going to Cambridge to see if I could meet with Vitalina. But she had already left. So I will have to go there tommorow morning. I have to pay her $250 dollars for the rent. Well it has been a long and winding road. I hope that the things that happened helped people realize have realizations about themselves and how they can lift off things that they don't need.

Moby (Richard Hall), Richard has not updated his tour diary for three days. He is probably busy making his music.

At ACC I have to make sure I am taking the courses that I have to take for this year. I think I signed up for Pyschology, Philosophy and some other courses that I forgot what I signed up for actually.

So now I am thinking that many people follow straight paths for their whole lives and their goal is so solid that on the way to the goal they miss out on any helpful divergences they could have had otherwise. Perhaps like the "epiphanies" that Moby was talking about in his previous update.

There is no such thing as 'mental illness'. If there was a set definition for it then everyone in the world would be categorized as having a mental illness. But there is no such thing as a mental illness. I guess if a definition could be made for the sake of adding another word to the Webster book it could be: The occurence that occurs when a person does not follow the basic societal accepted values and actions. That is probably not as good a definition as it could be.

Yesterday I went to Medford to look at a room for rent that cost $350/month. The family that lived there was from a carribean island and I was worried for the father for some reason. His younger daughter or whoever she was seemed like she would kill him or something if she had to but I can not continue to judge people matter factly any way. Well, they did not think I would take the apartment.

How much longer am I going to stay and put up with things I know are not neccesary. Not put up with things but just understand things that way. Oh well life is that way. Right?



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