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7:08 a.m. - 1990-11-13
Because Of Me
Mommy has left to go to work, Hannah has left to go to school, and Daddy is at work.

I just felt like saying, sometimes one needs a chance to: rest the weary soul, relax the haggard mind, and free the bound body.

When I look back on everything that happened, the only person 'to blame' is myself. Everything comes back to me, myself, 'and I'.

I am considering going to BLS, and trying to transfer back into BLS from ACC. The conditions that I went to ACC were not good at all, it was so AIRY and unreal...I am afraid of the atmosphere that I have created for myself there. I feel sad to be writing this now, because I never knew things would turn out like this. I thought things would go well at ACC.

Going back into the real world was/is something that was bounding on my brain. There was something, secure but VERY unsecure about going in to the REAL world. Or rather I was unsecure about going into the REAL world. I think that is how Tam felt, but Tam suffered through struggling EVERY DAMN day...and I am really upset that I wasn't there for her.



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