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11:22 a.m. - 2005-03-29
Alison's Bracelet
I am at the Roslindale Library on a group trip with the TREE people.I am just killing time. I responded to extensive emails from [email protected] She said that she was having problems makinga bracelet for me...we are each making braceletws for each other and we will be trading breacelets...what fun!! I am back my time has been extended on this computer. Yay! Anyway She finally made the bracelet but she had trouble measuring the right size and keeping the beads on and putting on the clasp therein (if that is a word). Speaking of things that happened last night...I tried to call Maxwell Simon and he was out supposidly the person who answered the phone said that they would give him the message I left my contact information. I have noticed this new habit with me i type words then the last letter is like 50 miles from the word. Like "kee p" or "by e" Bad habit. I will not keep it up. I want to maintain my typing integrity...heehee. Anyway for the rest of the Day I have TREE. I will be going to STRIVE (yes, STRIVE from 2003 when I went to the COdman Sq Site) but we are going to Ruggles Station STRIVE urgh...only problem is Ronald goes there now so I might see him there urgh!! Then later mommy daddy and maybe hannah (if she doesn't have a lot of studying to do ) will come and hopefully daddy will play checkers with me I bought a checkers set for him as I told you. Bye we will be leaving soon. When we get back to Lemuel Shattuck Hospital I will have my lunch, take a walk go online and meet with Chi the Rehab Counselor Student from BU. After that I will go to TREE at 1:00 p.m. BYE! WISH ME LUCK URGH!!!!!!

12:24p.m. Same Day Tuesday March 29, 2005

I got back from the library and I went upstairs (all the time being escorted by the counselor) Sitting in the van ride back I felt hopeless. But I feel better now. I had brocolli soup over seasoned green beans; my own put together dish. I poured the soup of the green beans .sounds gross i know but it was good nonetheless. After cleaning my teeth...wait who want s to know all this stuff. Let's get to the knitty gritty...I bought some candy from the gift shop, took a stroll, saw a cute EMT (ambulance driver) who snarled at me, and found my way to the library where I am now typing up stuff to you. I have to be at the 9 S to meet with Chi like I told you earlier. It's a long long hard road. I tell you. Bye..



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