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7:45 p.m. - 2005-06-23
Another Update/Letter to Alison
I just played tennis w/ my sister and now she is sitting in the computer room with me while I type you this email. We might look at some stuff online like bedding for our new rooms.

I'm looking forward to your email and plus your letter. Thanks for telling me to remind myself of the train ride yesterday...good cognitive therapy alison! :) Anyway the train ride home today was got delayed a bit and we sat on the tracks for a while. I read my drivers' ed book.instead of looking up hehehe I think I said hi to a few or one person while walking. Isn't part of your house black? Didn't you tell me that once? I know you have a blue theme in your house that's what you were telling me. Or were you telling me you like black. Oh well....Tommorow I will be going to Gill Rehab again. It will be fun hopefully. Right me back tonight before My time (EST) that I go to bed.

Oh today I had this conversation with my advocate at Gill and he was like find out how much I make from SSI. I told him HOme Depot called me about a job. We're (me and the advocate) trying to find out how much time i can work and how it'll affect my ssi check....if and when i work....





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