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6:08 p.m. - 2005-06-30
and yet...another update
i did not get that e-mail all though that is a good name for him snuggle bug...haha! His eyes were closed because of the camera was flashing.....soo what are you up to....what have you been doing? I'mback on the unit feelinga little nervous and wanteing to go out fot the trip this afternonon in the van here at the sister is going or went for new shoes from payless w/ my mother and father....they wont visit tonight...tommmorow it the tournament between davenport and mauresmo and venus beat maria sharpova ( the train ride home was ok..When I got back,.I spoke to my social worker and said that i will be going ...h e bsaically relayed the information back to me about school and everything...i dpokse to my advocate at the GIll Program and he said that he would check into me going on the interview for a job at the home depot I hope this follows though.... Love, Lydia



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