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6:29 p.m. - 2006-07-19
What's been going on with me....Year 2006
Well let me update you on what has been happening since I left the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. Marmalade was put to sleep and we got a new house. In reverse order. I am sad about Marmalade. I have cried too. He couldn't be put down the 5 or so stairs we had in the house. And he made a squeaking noise downstairs in the new house till one Sabbath morning daddy couldn't help it...can't help but wonder if it was my fault from what everyone has read I have been doing from my first entry. The kids in the neighborhood in dorchester supposidly "read my mind" (funny) in the way it hooks up with my poem as my last entry and it agitated me and my family called the EMTs (cutie boys) and I was sent to the Arbour Hospital where there were no hospitilizations without breaks. But I "fell in love" with Jonathan a dude at the Arbour. He's white 6'7" and pale with brown slicked back 20's style hair and Ivonne a black nurse lemme add this before computer shuts off or something and I have to go to rec night I'm on trilafon, fish oil, klonapin, risperdol, depakote and prns of mylanta and benadryl because my white blood cell count was low and my time at the arbour was over (they are a private hospital and you can only be there for so long)I was trasnferred to the Shattuck (again) for continued care (again) but this time for different reason then when I was at the Carney Hospital in lydia check me out on the newest website happening in the "world" right now:
Dante from church's girlfriend died in a fire, bro. bailey has been going to russia, hannah is going to england in september and she finally graduated from Simmons to get her nursing degree...mommy i think got a raise so did daddy ...reverse this entry and you'll understand what's been going on with me better. Love,



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