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7:20 p.m. - 2006-08-31
Oh No
hello i went to Alpha Day Rehab today and played hit a hard ball on teh grass through 7 plastic arcs that have been stabbed into the ground...I bought a small plastic bag of round candy chewy candy it was ok but i really was going for the blue tummy'ed white back jelly sharks...mmm...DELECTABLE TO THE MOUTH.
I saw Aaron looking SO handsome with his security guard outfit on (i am going to try to get a job here at the hospital...duh HE WORKS HERE! Why NOT?!? HEHEH...anyway..he's an adorable little loser (he smokes) I like him anyway...he and his friend like I said teh other day i gave him a card saying thankyou for being a good security guard; he protected me from a guy well i gave him and another security guard information that this guy in teh hospital put his arm around my waist...jerk (the guy). Anyway I went to JobNet today with Alpha and we discussed jobs..I've been feeling al ittle insecure and on teh edge of the edge if you know that feeling...too much going on that i can't control..i don't have a job..
I feel like driving. I HATE this see what happened mommy and daddy told Dr. Pace that they think I wasn't doing to good because they caught me talking to myself...COME ON! Everybody talks to themself...ok i have stuff to do like put my resume together...i want to volunteer in the library AND the laundry mat specifically the laundry tommorow morning I would like to start at 8:30 a.m. depending on what time I leave the hospital and what time I get my medecine at the hospital...I'm listening to Justin Timberlakes (crazy dancer/pop singer) "Sexy Back"..."I'm brigin' sexy back!!" WOoohooo...I feel a little depressed and scared especially if I don't get to watch "Pink Panther" with Beyonce Knowles in it again tonight...Wayne the cute white guy on the unit (ONLY CUTE GUY) is always watching TV and DVDs so I can't watch stuff sometimes he goes like :" Lyydia can I watch this" in a nicey voice...We don't have cable that sucks so people buy DVDs like Peter this white 40 something jerk...sorry for my language he is ...he speaks and laughs to the point that my head hurts! I bought Pink Panther with Beyonce this past Sunday she's SO pretty...and like I said I keep up with the stars. They have STAR magazines at ALPHA thats something im happy about....I've been making it a habit AND one of my favorite security guards ISN'T working on my unit watching a woman who has "hitting problems " (She hits people so they put her behind a plastic gate...she's from Puerto Rico and has two or three pretty daughters who the guys on the unit are always making comments on because they are pretty)...PEACE.
Oh I don't think there is gonna be any pool party on Sunday. Urgh! So what am I gonna do on Sunday? Go to and TRY to find out how to play some GOOD games for a change online not those dinky diamond letter and clicking games that are free and that you musn't download but that you must play from teh website..ok. Question to self: WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT? A: Getting money from mommy and listening to music and watching Pink Panther and drinking a big cup of Carnation Instant Breakfast GRANVILLE COME BACK TO BOSTON!!!!!!!!! IF YOU READ THIS OK? Maybe for Labor Day? I know you probably have MUCH better and FUNNER things to do in BOston (I put that there because I am going to post this entry not only in but in Wilma the girl who knew me at another hospital or Pauline as they call her HOPEFULLY will come to church this weekend.......things to do things to do...I always end my diary entrys in a stale way..oh well (SEE!)Great....i just found out that "Aaron my love is in the screen prompter cookie thing so everytime someone times and A into the box "Aaron My Love" comes up. I put that in there the other night as you recall if you read my diary... @##$%!!!! Oh No!!!!!!!!!! WHY ME!!!!!!!!!! I Hate this whole thing! I want to go home . Peace...



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