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8:52 a.m. - 2008-01-03
Next day update
I am still at the hospital of course. Nothing has changed since yesterday. My roomate Elda is still doingi witch craft on me. Let's just pray that what she is wishing comes true.
I am going to TREE and the Linderman Gym today for activities in Tree.
There is a recreational therapist I like her name is Amanda She ahs brown long hair and green/blue eyes has a nice spirt also there isi a volunter coordinator, Mico who also has a nice spirit
I saw Sal (the NIgerian MHA (mental health associate) today.
I watched the The life of Jesus the Revolutionary on Sunday. It was good.
I have'nt seen Aaron for a couple days. This guy who has been shouting to me from teh back of the hospital up to my window said that I would have Aaron's baby then turned around and said I wouldn't he's just trying to confuse me



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